Anxiety treatment and support can change your life

Find out how I help you get out of your own way and live a life free of stress and full of possibility.

Feeling out of control with worry and fear?

Do you find yourself feeling anxious and you have little to no control over it?

Are you repeating the same behaviours over and over again, although you’re aware of what you’re doing, but can’t seem to stop?

Over-analysing, procrastinating and catastrophising are a few common behaviours linked to anxiety. If they’re not managed, they can have a significant effect on your life and how you interact and connect with the people around you.

What I’m here to tell you is that there’s nothing wrong with you; anxiety is just a thought process you need to manage.

Hypnotherapy will guide you to the wonderful possibilities of your future and help you eliminate anxious patterns that you are running.

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety can look and feel different for everyone. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, it could be a sign that you or your loved ones may benefit from professional anxiety support.

Feelings of dread, panic or danger

Feeling tense or restless
Elevated heart
Hyperventilating or rapid breathing
weak or lethargic
Preoccupation with certain thoughts, worries and concerns
issues like IBS
Obsessive or intrusive thoughts similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder 
Repetitive actions or behaviours

If you’ve noticed or experienced any of these symptoms, seeking anxiety treatment can help you manage your discomfort.

It can also help you change how you think about anxiety and how you make use of it to live your best life.

How I can help you

As a clinical hypnotherapist, strategic psychotherapist, counsellor and NLP practitioner, I have the qualifications, skills and experience to help you navigate the mental health challenges you may be grappling with.

When it comes to anxiety treatment and support, I utilise several techniques to help people who are struggling with anxious thoughts and behaviours.

Hypnotherapy, in particular, has proved very useful because it allows practitioners like myself to complement other forms of therapy such as strategic psychotherapy and put patients in a relaxed state and confront certain anxieties and phobias.

Using visualisation techniques and other treatment modalities, I help you confront certain thought patterns that could be contributing to your anxiety.

How I can help you

Anxiety can be a debilitating and isolating experience. 

If you don’t have the support you need or can’t figure out how to move past the thoughts in your head—and the effects these have on your health—life can seem overwhelming.

With the mental health support I provide, my goal is to help you change your perception of anxiety and manage it better, so you can live a life where you’re not crippled by stress and fear.

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