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Don’t let addiction define you

When it comes to mental health, and compulsions that are rooted in the mind, a lot of misunderstanding floods the conversation. Addiction is no exception.

In recent years we’ve learnt more and more about what addiction really is and what it means to suffer from it.

Smoking, gambling, alcohol, drugs, food, retail therapy, coffee, and the list goes on. Clients can be addicted to a variety of substances and behaviours. Hypnotherapy is highly effective in breaking the patterns of addictive behaviours.

What does addiction look like?

Behaviours that seem harmless at first can turn into harmful patterns resulting in addiction.

Addiction can begin with casual behaviours that appear completely under the person’s control but spiral into dependence and addiction over time. The issue is that we don’t recognise the signs of addiction until it’s too late. 

If you suspect that you or someone you know is in need of addiction treatment or addiction support, here are some signs to look out for:

Abandoning or minimising responsibilities and personal priorities
Sudden unhealthy and unexplained weight changes
A loss of control
Obsessive thoughts and actions surrounding the substance or behaviour
Blindness to how their behaviour is affecting the people around them
Rising anxiety, a lack of motivation, mood swings, paranoia, and anger

Addiction, and other forms of mental health afflictions, can often make you feel like your life is defined by these substances and behaviours; and that there is absolutely nothing that you can do.

This is not true. With the right treatment and support, you can free yourself from the debilitating effects of addiction. Hypnotherapy is hugely successful in dealing with the mental processes that result in compulsive patterns.

My approach to addiction treatment

My experience as a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, strategic psychotherapist, counsellor, and master practitioner of NLP is what helps me guide you to your recovery and help you get your life back.

I utilise a range of techniques that go straight to the root of the problem.

Hypnotherapy is a fast and efficient way to deliver the value of psychotherapy during hypnosis and is a unique and effective form of therapy. I recommend at least six sessions to help you witness the difference in yourself.

Through this form of addiction treatment, I help you confront your addiction head-on so that you can address it and overcome it swiftly and effectively.

Don’t spend another day wondering what your life could be like without addiction; let me help you experience it for yourself now.

It’s never too early or too late to free yourself from addiction

Whether you’ve tried and failed in the past or suffered from multiple relapses, if you want to recover from addiction, I can help you.

I support your mental health and offer you addiction treatment and addiction support that will help you address the root of your problems and transform your life.

 In the absence of addiction lives limitless possibility.

Testimonials & Case Studies


Lisa has an innate way of relaxing you, with a calming yet clear tone that prepares you into your new life narrative

- Janette -

Lisa helped me overcome anxiety and OCD-like tendencies in a safe and comfortable environment. She is very effective in her practice and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their mental health.

- Kurt -

I experienced my first ever hypnotherapy session with Lisa @ Eastern Suburbs Hypnotherapy via Zoom. At the time I was isolated and in the middle of the Melbourne lockdown, struggling with motivation and a fair amount of anxiety. At the end I not only felt an amazing calmness but invigorated at the same time. Looking forward to an in-person session.

- Jane -

Lisa helped a patient of mine undo some of the patterns he had regarding repetitive actions, which were related to anxiety...it was fast and very effective. She has a beautiful calming way about her and he responded to her nurturing mannerism with ease. I would definitely recommend giving Lisa’s way of hypnosis a go especially for stubborn behaviours.

- Elizabeth -

Lisa is authentically committed to her practice and that becomes clear the moment you sit down to discuss your situation. We all process stress in different ways, with a dysregulated nervous system in flight mode (not uncommon as we emerge from two years of restrictions to establish a new normal) I was keen to work with Lisa to create some equilibrium - I'm glad I did. As an Executive Coach I'm always looking to build a strong network of integrated practitioners to help my clients perform and live 'well', I wouldn't hesitate to refer clients to Lisa.

-M V Tait-

Thanks so much Lisa for allowing me the experience of hypnotherapy under your caring direction. It was soothing and personable and I felt at ease in your lovely and comfortable setting. Your NLP therapy had an immediate effect and the hypnotherapy (on the most comfortable recliner ever!) provided new and improved mental clarity.

-Beck T-

I had a great session with Lisa. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the session. I left feeling both very happy and relaxed.

-Zerea Carroll-

Really helpful and thorough at the beginning. A very useful tool. Lisa is very professional and makes you feel comfortable. Highly recommend her and her services.

-Rene Logan-

Lisa is a great practitioner with a caring and supportive nature. I would highly recommend.

-Spiro Apostolopoulos-

Lisa is very knowledgable. I felt immediately at ease with her and really enjoyed our sessions. I noticed a quiet determination and increased focus after the first couple of sessions and that continued to grow over the 6 weeks we worked together. Very happy. Highly recommended.

-Kendra Greig-

Lisa is so professional in how she operates. She has a beautiful, spacious and welcoming clinic where she puts you at ease and explains the process in great detail. Her warmth, knowledge and experience puts you at ease immediately allowing you to get the most out of your time with her. I had a great session and she helped me work through an upcoming meeting with my boss which I was worried about. I would highly recommend Lisa.

-Sheila Munro-

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