What a statement. We humans are so good at fighting for our limitations however I invite you to read this article knowing that there are things you will be able to do in the future that you can’t do now.

People like to hold onto this idea that other people are really good at something and that they are just not lucky like that; however this would eliminate the really important detail of all the hard work that others have put into something to make it look relatively easy. The truth is it’s very rarely down to luck, you create your own luck in the world. Of course there are some that do tend to have natural gifts but for most of us If we are not good at something, I’m going to suggest it’s because we just don’t have a good process for it. Absolutely everything we do in life is a process which has a series of steps to it and if you want to be good at something simply find out the process then follow the steps and you will probably get the outcome you desire. I actually really love this idea in its detailed simplicity. It’s quite obvious really that it’s not that we are good or bad at something we either have the process for it or we don’t. You can’t surmise that you are generally bad at something when you have never actually applied yourself to learning that process. Of course there will be things you will never want to be good at because you are not interested in those particular things so you most likely won’t bother to learn how to do them and then there will be things in life that you will apply yourself to because you do want to learn them. It kind of takes the pressure off us and removes that universal label we are so good at giving ourselves at times as “not good enough”. I’m always repeating to my clients that we are all doing the best we can with what we have and if we knew more we would do better but you can’t do better than the best you can do. The question then becomes what do you want to become good at?

Interestingly we as a human race are masters at focusing on what we can’t do! Well …. How is that working for you? I’m here to say that it has never worked well for me and so what we need to become good at is turning our attention on what we do want and not on what we don’t. The reality is that you are what you most often think. Let me explain that in a little more detail. If you spend your present moments focussing on your lack, what you don’t have, what you can’t do etc. etc. then your future will be a direct reflection of those present thoughts. It takes some effort to refocus and turn your present attention on a thought process that steers you towards a future that you want, a future that you deserve because If not you, then why not you? You deserve the life you want to live as much as the next person BUT you have to do that, yes it’s a verb. You have to actively engage in thoughts and actions that set that up for you. Your action is everything, when you think back in your life to everything you ever achieved ,it came through your action. It’s not somehow magically going to come to you just because you want it, you have to go and get it.

Do you know the one most significant factor that creates success?….. ACTION. Successful people actually fail many, many more times than unsuccessful people because they just keep on taking action in the world and they know that failures aren’t actually a problem, they are opportunities to learn and grow. Nobody said it was going to be easy but alot of that ease or

disease is created by you and your perceptions. So what opportunities to learn are you going to create for yourself? Don’t worry about the past, let that go and turn your attention towards the future by taking control of what you do in the present.

Where can you challenge yourself to take a leap of faith and back yourself, trusting that you will handle whatever comes your way. Set yourself some realistic goals that you can accomplish and take responsibility for what you want in your life. Learning something new can feel a little bit uncomfortable but that is a great thing because it means you’re learning something new! You can’t grow without change, you can’t change without discomfort. We just need to learn to get a little comfortable at times with being uncomfortable.

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